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Utah Homeless Council Strategic Plan on Homelessness

The Utah Homeless Council issued its strategic plan for homelessness on February 10th. The plan focuses on increasing affordable housing opportunities, making resource centers more accessible, and dealing with embedded racial or gender prejudice.

The strategic plan falls short of the many goals and accountability measures for which Solutions Utah advocated. The Council relies heavily on the provision of housing as the solution to homelessness when the Salt Lake region clearly needs additional measures that promote community safety and bolster accountability for government-funded programs.

Solutions Utah engaged with the UHC by offering its own detailed recommendations as part of the public comment process. Solutions Utah’s response focused on creating temporary housing facilities for unsheltered individuals struggling with untreated mental health issues and substance use disorder. Another important recommendation from Solutions Utah is more in-depth data collection, and improved accountability measures to increase community safety. Solutions Utah believes these critical elements are necessary to insure effective interventions and mitigate the negative impacts of facilities such as homeless resource centers. Read Solutions Utah’s Grand Plan to Address Homelessness and Crime here. 

Solutions Utah will continue to advocate for effective solutions that truly help those experiencing homelessness, improve community safety and quality of life, and increase accountability measures to best to serve those in need.


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Solving homelessness necessitates a clear and compassionate understanding of who the homeless individuals are, the factors that led to their circumstances, and the specific services