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Solutions Utah was created to address homelessness and its impacts on our community.  We work on solving Utah’s challenges together.  What used to be a great place to live, work, and visit is becoming less safe and more difficult to live and do business. Improving our community helps everyone – including those experiencing homelessness.

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Increase in homelessness spending in Utah
0 %

More than $100M was spent in 2017 on direct / indirect costs associate with homelessness.  In 2019, that ballooned to $300M+.

Property crime increase in SLC neighborhoods
0 %

*Compared to the five-year average in areas including the Fairpark, Westpointe and Rose Park neighborhoods. 

Increase in homelessness
0 %

From 2020 to 2022, the number of homeless people in Salt Lake City has seen a significant increase.

our goals.

Galvanize businesses and residents to bring about community safety and improve the quality of life.

Implement effective solutions that truly help those experiencing homelessness.

Hold the government accountable for programs, facilities, and their impacts on the community.

Advocate for more effective government spending.

we want to hear about the issues you see and face in the community.

theft &
addiction &
mental illness

what issues do you see or experience?

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