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Pioneer Park Coalition rebranded to Solutions Utah

Director’s Corner | By Rick Graham

Some have asked why the Pioneer Park Coalition rebranded to Solutions Utah. Our new name reflects a broader reach because homelessness doesn’t have a border and the solutions can’t be found in one city. The state along with regional governments and service providers have a vested interest in solving homelessness because of our past accomplishments. A few that we are proud to list are acquiring a $300,000 donation to improve lighting, safety and landscaping at Pioneer Park, ending a culture of drug and sex trafficking at the Rio Grande shelter, and winning legislative support for millions in supportive housing and other homeless services. We strive to be coalition builders to bring about real change and accountability that goes beyond a headline, a press release or good intentions. The residents we talk to want action and results. Through our newsletter, we hope to keep you informed of our work.


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Solving homelessness necessitates a clear and compassionate understanding of who the homeless individuals are, the factors that led to their circumstances, and the specific services